14th Jun 2020 - Fishing Report w/e 14th June 2020

Some cooler conditions this week, and some well need fresh water has really given the anglers some 'Excellent sport' and the fish have been providing 'Some cracking fights'. We have see some impressive evening rises this week, especially in the last two hours, despite the fish feeding heavily on Caenis anglers still had some success with small Dries. Buzzers and Diawl Bach's have also proved to be very successful this week, especially when the fish have been feeding just sub-surface. We have seen some lovely Brownies caught this week along with some chunky Rainbows.

  • Thrunton Youth angler, Jack Metcalf from Newbiggin netted 9 fish between both lakes using Dries and Lures
  • Willie Emery used Various Buzzers to land 10 fish from Long Crag including some 'Cracking Fish'
  • John Metcalf also from Newbiggin landed 6 fish from Long Crag, alos caught using Buzzers
  • Longframlington angler, Trevor Wadds landed 8 fish using Diawl Bach's and Lures
  • Steve Dixon safely returned 8 fish to Long Crag using Buzzers, including a magnificent Brown Trout
  • Si Nichols netted 24 fish over his two visits this week , caught using Buzzers and Dries
  • Dennis Stephenson landed 6 fish in total, using Daddies and Diawl Bach's. He landed three of of Trout species, including a Brown, Rainbows and a Tiger
  • Ashington angler, Ken Glenton released 9 to Long Crag using Buzzers and Dries
  • Nick Coffey fished Buzzers Static, to bring 6 fish to the net from Long Crag
  • Robert Seymar also used Buzzers to net 6 fish
  • Michael Hall from Cramlington returned 7 fish to Long Crag using Dries and Lures
  • Patrick Scott from Longframlington landed 15 fish over his two visits this week, caught using Size 16 Dries
  • Eric Caisley from Morpeth used Emergers to net 12 fish from Long Crag
  • R. Clark netted 7 fish over both lakes
  • Bedlington angler, Mick Brown caught his limit of 20 fish using Buzzers, including a 9lber, 8lber and a 6lber
  • Guy Nicholson used Buzzers, Bradling Worms and Apps Bloodworms to relase 20 fish to Long Crag
  • Jim Burtle from Newcastle also netted 20 fish from Long Crag
  • Austin Churm returned 10 fish to Long Crag using FAB's and Apps Bloodworms
  • Kevin Dinning landed 6 fish over both lakes
  • Derek Hodgson used Bloodworms to land 7 fish from Long Crag
  • Regular angler, Greg Lewins netted 8 fish from Long Crag using Apps Worms, Dries and Buzzers
  • Spike Millican returned 14 fish to Long Crag using Size 14 Black Buzzers
  • Reuben Pool netted 7 fish on Coe Crag
  • Kris Munro landed 14 fish over both lakes using Various Lures, including a 4lb Brownie

Fly Box: Buzzers, Bloodworms, Small Dries, Black Lures, Damsels, Diawl Bach's and FAB's

Open Daily - 8.30am to 9.00pm. Monday & Saturday 5.00pm close.

Please Note: Due to a high demand for fishing at Thrunton, we have to advise that anyone wishing to fish will need to have made a booking.
We have tried to make it fair to all our anglers, including those without access to social media, to make your return to fishing a pleasurable and safe experience. We will be closely monitoring numbers to allow 'social distancing' and it may be that on some days we will be fully booked.
Therefore we kindly ask you to contact us either on - Facebook Messenger or by Text - Steve 07765395072 or Joe 07799112644 to book.
We will require your - Name, fishing date, arrival time and the number of hours you wish to fish.
Anglers paying by Paypal or Bank Transfer must check availability first before making payment.
Many Thanks and we look forward to seeing you soon, The Thrunton Team
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