15th Apr 2024 - Fishing Report

Fishing Report

As the weather settles anglers have had some brilliant top of the water sport fishing dries and buzzers. We were delighted to host 18 anglers from the Royal British Legion on Sunday all fishing a kill ticket. Most anglers bagged up with some heavy bag totals. Anglers are still reporting that fish are in the first 3ft of water.

· Mark Weddel fished Fabs and Buzzers on Long Crag landing 12 fish on a kill ticket

· Rory Brotherton also fished a mix of Buzzers on Long Crag netting 7 fish to have his best day yet

· K. Murray fished various flies on Long Crag to safely return 10 fish off multiple pegs

· Jim Burtle fished Various flies on Long Crag to safely net 11 fish

· Josh Piper fished various tactics on Long Crag also netting 12 fish

· Tony Rowley fished a washing line using Fabs and Buzzers to land 9 fish

· Ian Santos fished a mix of methods on Long Crag catching 14 fish

· Ken Glenton fished a mix of flies on Coe Crag safely returning 20 fish

· T. Graham fished a Kate Mclaren on Coe Crag to return 10 fish off different pegs

· Steve Mole fished Dries on Long Crag catching 34 fish over a couple of visits

· Dave Scott fished Klink Hammers over both lakes landing 20 fish

· Ronnie Glass fished a washing line on Long Crag catching 18 fish

· Paul Thompson fished a mix of flies over both lakes catching 14 fish

Fly Box of the week:

Dries, Buzzers, Fabs, Diawlbachs, Nymphs

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