11th Nov 2018 - Fishing Report w/e 11th November

Despite the cold wind this week, anglers have had some remarkable catches. During the beginning part of the week, some determined anglers managed to land fish in Dries and Suspender Buzzers. However as the cooler weather becomes more prolific, some anglers fishing deeper in the water were rewarded with some nice bag numbers and larger fish.

  • Davy Kay from Morpeth used Eggstacy to land 9 fish from Long Crag
  • Jim Burtle from Newcastle had 10 fish also from Long Crag using Bloodworms
  • Hadston angler, Matty Devine had a ‘good day’ releasing 11 to Long Crag using Lures and PTN’s
  • Alex Ainslie from Craster returned 5 fish to Long Crag, one of which was a 14lber using Cats Whiskers and Bloodworms
  • Ashington angler, Ken Glenton also had 5 fish from Long Crag using Dries
  • Bedlington regular, Mick Brown used Cut Throat Buzzers to land 19 fish between both lakes, having a 'Helluva day'
  • Paul Embelton had 15 fish during his 7 hour session on Long Crag using Various Lures
  • Ian Hughes had an ‘excellent’ evening on Coe Crag landing 8 fish on Dries and Suspender Buzzers
  • Mick Kelley from Swarland also had an ‘excellent’ evening session landing 10 fish between both lakes using Suspender Buzzers
  • Willie Emery from Newbiggin used Diawl Bach’s to land 4 fish from Coe Crag. One of his fish was a magnificent 11.2lb Rainbow.
  • Brad Mackie used Bloodworms to land 10 fish from Long Crag; Brad also landed a 10lb Brownie
  • Paul Murray from Westerhope landed his personal best on Coe Crag which was a 10-12lb Rainbow caught using a Black Lure.

Fly Box: Buzzers, Diawl Bach’s, Cats Whiskers, Zonkers, PTN’s, Bloodworms, Dries and Eggstacy

Open Daily: 8.30am to 4:30pm

Please Note: On Sunday 18th November Long Crag will be closed for a Fritz ‘n’ Flies Competition. Coe Crag will remain open as usual. Apologies for any inconvenience caused to our regular anglers.

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