Fishing Reports

  • Fishing Report w/e 23rd September 2018

    23rd Sep 2018

    Following the aftermath of Storm Ali, the strong winds during the middle part of the week, rejuvenated both lakes adding oxygen and fresh water whilst giving the natural fly life a good stir up. This brought the ‘lakes to life’ after the long, warm and drawn out summer we have had. Bloodworms have been prolific flies this week as well asDiawlBach’s and other small nymphs ..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 16th September 2018

    16th Sep 2018

    Anglers who have moved around covering as much water as possible have reaped the rewards in what has been a very unsettled week weather wise, fish are still been taken off the surface with daddies proving successful particularly on windy days. Larger Fish are continuimg to show with the cooler weather, a lovely 8lb Brown was safely returned by Mick Brown and Rob Hall released a..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 9th September 2018

    9th Sep 2018

    After the first few signs of autumn beginning to show, fish are continuing to become more active. As the week progressed, and the heavy downpours and cooler conditions began to freshen up the lakes, there was a noticeable difference in the numbers of fish moving and feeding on the surface. Anglers who fishing during the middle part of the week saw what seemed to be a continuous..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 2nd September 2018

    3rd Sep 2018

    The ever improving fishing conditions have favoured the catch returns this week, on top of even more larger fish continuing to show. Foam Daddies, Yellow Owl’s andDiawl Bach’s have been the most productive flies this week, during the final few hours before darkness has also proved to be a good time for fishing Dries. The very changeable wind this week has made fishing rathe..

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  • Fishing report w/e 26th August 2018

    26th Aug 2018

    Another mixed bag of weather conditions this week has proved challenging for some anglers earlier in the week but as things have gradually cooled fishing has improved with more of the larger fish making an appearance. Thrunton welcomed the Cramlington Renegades this week, congratulations to Adam Bound who landed the largest fish weighing in at 5lb 5oz, also well done to Adam Ca..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 19th August 2018

    19th Aug 2018

    Following another week of cooler conditions, anglers have continued to land larger bag numbers. Anglers have also had some ‘great evening’ sessions, fishing Small Nymphs and Dries. At the beginning part of the week anglers, were catching fish on Dries and Small Nymphs. Wind speeds began to pick up at the end of the week, keeping the water well oxygenated. The Thrunton Junio..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 12th August 2018

    12th Aug 2018

    After a long drawn-out warm period, anglers finally got what they have been waiting for; heavy rain and cooler temperatures. Throughout the week, anglers reported a noticeable difference in the numbers of fish showing as well as being caught. At the start of the week, anglers were fishing quite deep, and, at times, casting about 30ft into the middle of the lake. However, during..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 5th August 2018

    5th Aug 2018

    A well needed cool and wet start to this week has allowed the water temperature to finally decrease; the fresh water has resulted in some anglers reporting fish ‘stripping them to their backing’. However as the week progressed the warmer weather returned, late evenings proved successful with anglers taking most fish on dries. Anglers found ‘matching the hatch’ with Smal..

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  • Fishing w/e 29th July 2018

    29th Jul 2018

    Hot conditions at the beginning of the week again made fishing challenging as the water temperatures remain high. However anglers are still enjoying good sport with small dries and buzzers the most successful flies. We welcomed the Aqua Contractors for our annual weed cut on Long Crag and thanks to them for another excellent job. The weekend brought some pleasant cooler winds a..

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  • Fishing report w/e 22nd July 2018

    22nd Jul 2018

    The UK Junior Troutmasters Final was held at Thrunton Long Crag this weekend with children travelling from Cornwall in the south to Dundee in the north. The bright conditions and searing heat did make fishing extremely challenging but the final turned out to be both exciting and close and went to the final whistle, where any one of four anglers could have been crowned champion...

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  • Fishing Report w/e 15th July 2018

    15th Jul 2018

    The continuing hot weather has resulted in very challenging fishing conditions. However those anglers that adapted to the hot, bright conditions were rewarded with some ‘great dry fly sport’ and some ‘nice fish’. CDC’s, Griffith’s Gnat’s and Shipman’s have all worked remarkably well this week with the majority of the fish landed this week been on various small D..

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  • Fishing report w/e 8th July 2018

    8th Jul 2018

    Despite the ever increasing water temperature, and rather challenging fishing conditions the aerators have kept both lakes well oxygenated over the last 12 days, keeping the fish in their best condition. Early mornings and late evenings have proved most successful for anglers, as this is when the fish are feeding before the temperatures rise throughout the day. Cloud Cover on S..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 1st July 2018

    1st Jul 2018

    Blue skies and scorching sunshine never a good recipe for fishing, but for anglers that braved the heat some good sport was still to be had, early mornings and the evenings have been most productive with dry flies working well in the evenings. This weekend we also welcomed an enthusiastic bunch of Fishing For Heroes lads as well as the Cramlington Renegades who held a friendly ..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 24th June 2018

    24th Jun 2018

    Another changeable week with some stiff breezes and the odd shower has had anglers searching their boxes for ‘the fly’ to best suit conditions with some succeeding and enjoying some cracking sport. On Monday we welcomed a group of children from Chernobyl who are here thanks to a charity that helps children from disadvantaged families in Russia. As it was very windy, Steve ..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 17th June 2018

    17th Jun 2018

    During the aftermath of storm Hector, the lakes have provided some ‘outstanding’ fishing and excellent bag numbers with the strong winds helping to oxygenate the water, despite it making casting challenging. The wind returned to the South West making a refreshing change from the constant cool North Easterlies experienced recently. Anglers have landed trout around the 10-12l..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 10th June2018

    10th Jun 2018

    Another week of cool northerly winds has led to some challenging fishing at times. With cool overcast mornings and warmer sunny afternoons anglers have had most success earlier in the day. Buzzers and dries have been the most productive. We welcomed the Mill & Groom Angling Club from Consett this weekend for one of their outings. They all enjoyed their day despite the sunny bri..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 3rd June 2018

    3rd Jun 2018

    The mixed weather this week has led to anglers having to adapt their techniques to allow them to land fish. Suspender Buzzers and Emerges have proved very successful, as well as Blob’s and Pheasant tail nymphs. At the beginning of the week the cold North Easterly winds continued, so anglers were forced to fish deeper in the water, but during the latter part of the week the su..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 27th May 2018

    27th May 2018

    The warm weather has continued throughout this week. However due to the North Easterly winds anglers found it slightly more challenging to land larger bags. During the latter part of the week the bright conditions lead to anglers having to cast well over 25ft out to find the larger pods of fish. Anglers have also reported confirmed sightings of Mayfly, on the water. Both of the..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 20th May 2018

    20th May 2018

    The warm weather continued this week with some great fly life on the water. Anglers have consistently ‘matched the hatch’ resulting in some great bags of fish. Small and black has continued to be very successful but generally it has been ideal dry fly conditions resulting in some fantastic top of the water sport! We welcomed the Oddfellows angling group from Alnwick who had..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 13th May 2018

    13th May 2018

    Thrunton has experienced some exceptional hatches this week, as well as a few anglers reporting sightings of Mayfly – which is great to hear. At the beginning of the week anglers found that Hoppers and various CDC flies were most successful with the colour black working extremely well. Hatches of Hawthorn flies and olives were spotted and small black flies fished just sub sur..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 6th May 2018

    6th May 2018

    Thrunton has experienced some remarkable catches this week, with anglers recording bag numbers around 18 to 20. Some anglers found fishing in the blustery conditions difficult at times, however is proved successful for some who were fishing small dries like F-Flies. During the latter part of the week, the bright sunshine left anglers having to adapt to find the fish that were d..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 29th April

    29th Apr 2018

    There has been some great fishing this week on both lakes at Thrunton, despite a week of varied weather. During the warm sunny spells fish were continuously rising meaning anglers found CDC’s, Hoppers and Shipman’s Buzzers very effective. They have also experienced some ‘crazy evening rises’ despite the wind making casting difficult at times. Thrunton welcomed The Cho..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 22nd April 2018

    22nd Apr 2018

    After the first few signs of summer started to show, so did some of the larger Brownies and Blues with some fish being landed weighing more than 18lb. Anglers found dries, diawl bach’s and buzzers most successful, but on the bright sunny days lures were popular as the fish went deeper. This week Thrunton welcomed the Ladykirk & Norham anglers who thoroughly enjoyed their day ..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 15th April 2018

    15th Apr 2018

    There have been some spectacular rises this week at Thrunton with huge hatches coming off the water and the lakes boiling with fish. Anglers have posted some great catches with lots of larger trout, more browns and blues being brought to the net. Small dries, buzzers and damsels have been successful but fish are still being tempted by other methods too. With the temperatures du..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 8th April 2018

    8th Apr 2018

    After a very successful start to the week, anglers found that at the end of the week fishing conditions became more challenging. Despite the impressive fly hatches, it wasn’t always easy to match the hatch! This was mostly down to the size of the fly that was hatching. Thrunton welcomed the Cramlington Renegades this week, Adam Calvin won the competition landing the heavies..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 1st April 2018

    1st Apr 2018

    There has been some excellent bags recorded this week at Thrunton despite the mixed weather. The warmer conditions on Monday and Thursday allowed anglers to twitch buzzers with great success. Black and Green have proved most the most successful colour on a various range of flies, but surprisingly F-flies and hoppers in the wintry conditions at the weekend also proved productive..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 25th March 2018

    25th Mar 2018

    After a cold start to the week, anglers have landed some excellent fish in the 4lb – 10lb mark, as well as one or two Brownies are starting to show. As the ever increasing breeze picked up towards the end of the week, anglers found Hares ear nymphs, P.T.N’s and Buzzers very successful. Fish of the week goes to Rob Hall from Morpeth, who landed a 10lb 8oz rainbow on his ..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 18th March 2018

    18th Mar 2018

    The unpredictable weather this week has led to anglers having to regularly adapt to the conditions. Anglers that did so managed some excellent bags, some catching fish into the double figures. The calm weather at the beginning of the week meant anglers had most success on P.T.N, Buzzer’s and Cormorant’s. However at the end of the week, when the weather was at its worst,..

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  • Fishing Reports w/e 11th March 2018

    11th Mar 2018

    Despite the ‘Beast from the East’ making fishing conditions rather challenging, anglers have recorded some excellent bags. At the beginning of the week the heavy snow fall meant not only the lakes, but anglers got a break, many fisherman returning full of enthusiasm and ready to catch more fish! Buzzers have proved successful fished about 5’ down. In addition lures have t..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 25th February 2018

    25th Feb 2018

    Anglers have had to adapt to another cold week; however there have been some good returns when the weather proved more favourable. Good sport has been had on buzzers with some anglers reporting ‘Savage takes!’ For some anglers various lures fished slow and deep worked very well, as have nymphs’ such as Diawl Bach’s, P.T.N and Hares ear’s fished on an intermediate li..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 18th February 2018

    18th Feb 2018

    There have been some good bags this week despite the cold wintery weather. The anglers who braved the conditions had some excellent sport. Lures have proved very successful this week when fished very slowly on an intermediate line. · Paul Pratt from Chester-Le-Street safely released 7 on Coe Crag using a Pink Bloodworm having a ‘great day’ · Cramlington angler Alec H..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 11th February 2018

    11th Feb 2018

    Undeterred by the cold weather, anglers have had some good bags this week, one angler landing his personal best Rainbow at 19lb 13oz . The cold and frosty weather has meant anglers have had to vary their techniques to help them catch larger bags. Buzzers and various lures have proved very successful this week. Fish of the week goes to Alec Harvey from Cramlington who managed to..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 4th February 2018

    4th Feb 2018

    Cold weather and strong winds has given anglers another testing week, though many rose to the challenge and managed some good bags. Cat’s whiskers and diawl Bach’s have accounted for many of this week’s catches. The aerators have worked well keeping the lakes free from ice in the later part of the week. The fish of the week was landed by Rob Hall, 10lb+ rainbow from Lon..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 28th January 2018

    28th Jan 2018

    The wide variation of weather has played havoc with anglers fishing this week. Despite the strong windy gusts, temperatures have been on the rise this week meaning anglers have had some very good catches. Various nymphs fished around the weed beds and margins have proved very successful with most of the fish been caught within the top few feet of water. Apps, Bloodworms and..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 14th january 2018

    14th Jan 2018

    Some anglers have landed good bags this week despite the variable weather conditions. Others, however, have found it more challenging with one day being completely different to the next. Cold winds with dark damp misty days and fluctuating temperatures have made anglers work hard to find the correct method. Pink bloodworms were successful at the beginning of the week with buzze..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 7th January 2018

    7th Jan 2018

    Although the weather this week has been mixed and changeable, anglers have still had some good sport. At the beginning of the week anglers tempted fish to the net using buzzers and various lures but bloodworms proved successful later in the week. One angler, whose ambition is to attract trout on dries in every month during the year, was delighted to land two fish on dries. We h..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 31st December 2017

    31st Dec 2017

    There has been some good sport over the Festive period despite the variable and extreme weather conditions. Both lakes have fished well especially during the stormier, snowy weather. During the cold snap with little wind anglers have had to be patient and creative to attract fish. The aerators have kept the ice at bay and anglers have been able to fish every day. Bloodworms and..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 10th December 2017

    10th Dec 2017

    Anglers who braved the cold and the wind this week were rewarded with some good sport. Fish have been taking a variety of flies at different depths from dries to bloodworms. Mick Kelley netted 11 in a short session on suspender buzzers and a floating caddis. The 5 aerators on both lakes have worked well this weekend and with the temperatures dropping to -8c it has kept the lake..

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  • Fishing report w/e 3rd December 2017

    3rd Dec 2017

    The cooler wintry weather this week hasn’t deterred anglers who have had some excellent sport with some fish still being caught high in the water and others being attracted between 4 & 6 feet down. It has been a busy weekend as we hosted another Fritz ‘n’ Flies qualifier with anglers creating a close contest. There were 115 fish landed with a rod average of 5.75. The qua..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 26th November 2017

    26th Nov 2017

    Despite the mixed and changeable weather this week anglers have still had some great sport. There was some good top of the water action at the beginning of the week with dries, CDC’s and hoppers all working well. Black lures came into their own later in the week as the fish went deeper due to the cold winds. The heavy rains on Tuesday and Wednesday freshened up the lakes but ..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 19th November 2017

    19th Nov 2017

    A week of cold stiff breezes and flat calm periods has made it quite a challenge for anglers at times. On the calmer days fish were ‘topping’ all over the place, taking small black flies. Lures continue to do well also naturals taking their fair share of fish. The Thrunton Juniors thoroughly enjoyed the Fly Fishing Masterclass by Howard Croston on Saturday , learning so man..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 12th November 2017

    12th Nov 2017

    Both lakes are fishing well after some lovely crisp Autumn mornings. One or two fish are still showing on the top and can be tempted with dries. Buzzers are also working well, however the bulk of the fish have been taken on lures with an intermediate line. We welcomed a Fritz ‘n’ Flies individual and Pairs competition on Sunday with a total of 21 anglers attending. 83 fish ..

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  • Fishng Report w/e 5th Nov 2017

    5th Nov 2017

    Both Long Crag and Coe Crag lakes have fished well this week with more settled weather. There has been lots of fish moving with many still being tempted by dries. Anglers have reported some nice double figure fish coming to the net and also many quality fish in the 4lb to 8lb range. Black lures have been successful and nymphs and damsels have also accounted for quite a number..

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