Fishing Reports

  • Fishing Report w/e 11th February 2018

    11th Feb 2018

    Undeterred by the cold weather, anglers have had some good bags this week, one angler landing his personal best Rainbow at 19lb 13oz . The cold and frosty weather has meant anglers have had to vary their techniques to help them catch larger bags. Buzzers and various lures have proved very successful this week. Fish of the week goes to Alec Harvey from Cramlington who managed to..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 4th February 2018

    4th Feb 2018

    Cold weather and strong winds has given anglers another testing week, though many rose to the challenge and managed some good bags. Cat’s whiskers and diawl Bach’s have accounted for many of this week’s catches. The aerators have worked well keeping the lakes free from ice in the later part of the week. The fish of the week was landed by Rob Hall, 10lb+ rainbow from Lon..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 28th January 2018

    28th Jan 2018

    The wide variation of weather has played havoc with anglers fishing this week. Despite the strong windy gusts, temperatures have been on the rise this week meaning anglers have had some very good catches. Various nymphs fished around the weed beds and margins have proved very successful with most of the fish been caught within the top few feet of water. Apps, Bloodworms and..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 14th january 2018

    14th Jan 2018

    Some anglers have landed good bags this week despite the variable weather conditions. Others, however, have found it more challenging with one day being completely different to the next. Cold winds with dark damp misty days and fluctuating temperatures have made anglers work hard to find the correct method. Pink bloodworms were successful at the beginning of the week with buzze..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 7th January 2018

    7th Jan 2018

    Although the weather this week has been mixed and changeable, anglers have still had some good sport. At the beginning of the week anglers tempted fish to the net using buzzers and various lures but bloodworms proved successful later in the week. One angler, whose ambition is to attract trout on dries in every month during the year, was delighted to land two fish on dries. We h..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 31st December 2017

    31st Dec 2017

    There has been some good sport over the Festive period despite the variable and extreme weather conditions. Both lakes have fished well especially during the stormier, snowy weather. During the cold snap with little wind anglers have had to be patient and creative to attract fish. The aerators have kept the ice at bay and anglers have been able to fish every day. Bloodworms and..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 10th December 2017

    10th Dec 2017

    Anglers who braved the cold and the wind this week were rewarded with some good sport. Fish have been taking a variety of flies at different depths from dries to bloodworms. Mick Kelley netted 11 in a short session on suspender buzzers and a floating caddis. The 5 aerators on both lakes have worked well this weekend and with the temperatures dropping to -8c it has kept the lake..

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  • Fishing report w/e 3rd December 2017

    3rd Dec 2017

    The cooler wintry weather this week hasn’t deterred anglers who have had some excellent sport with some fish still being caught high in the water and others being attracted between 4 & 6 feet down. It has been a busy weekend as we hosted another Fritz ‘n’ Flies qualifier with anglers creating a close contest. There were 115 fish landed with a rod average of 5.75. The qua..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 26th November 2017

    26th Nov 2017

    Despite the mixed and changeable weather this week anglers have still had some great sport. There was some good top of the water action at the beginning of the week with dries, CDC’s and hoppers all working well. Black lures came into their own later in the week as the fish went deeper due to the cold winds. The heavy rains on Tuesday and Wednesday freshened up the lakes but ..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 19th November 2017

    19th Nov 2017

    A week of cold stiff breezes and flat calm periods has made it quite a challenge for anglers at times. On the calmer days fish were ‘topping’ all over the place, taking small black flies. Lures continue to do well also naturals taking their fair share of fish. The Thrunton Juniors thoroughly enjoyed the Fly Fishing Masterclass by Howard Croston on Saturday , learning so man..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 12th November 2017

    12th Nov 2017

    Both lakes are fishing well after some lovely crisp Autumn mornings. One or two fish are still showing on the top and can be tempted with dries. Buzzers are also working well, however the bulk of the fish have been taken on lures with an intermediate line. We welcomed a Fritz ‘n’ Flies individual and Pairs competition on Sunday with a total of 21 anglers attending. 83 fish ..

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  • Fishng Report w/e 5th Nov 2017

    5th Nov 2017

    Both Long Crag and Coe Crag lakes have fished well this week with more settled weather. There has been lots of fish moving with many still being tempted by dries. Anglers have reported some nice double figure fish coming to the net and also many quality fish in the 4lb to 8lb range. Black lures have been successful and nymphs and damsels have also accounted for quite a number..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 29th October 2017

    29th Oct 2017

    More settled weather this week has helped anglers produce some good bags. Fish are still being taken on dries mid-day as the temperature warms up but when it cools the fish are being found slightly deeper ;cats whiskers, fry patterns, zonkers and yellow dancers have been productive. Buzzers have also attracted many fish. We were pleased to welcome Peter McEwan and his friends..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 22nd October 2017

    22nd Oct 2017

    With Saharan dust clouds, hurricane Ophelia and storm Brian anglers have had lots to think about this week. With the huge swings in atmospheric pressure the trout have not been settled into a regular feeding pattern. However those anglers who braved the elements have had some good sport. One angler landed a 15lb rainbow in the height of the storms. There has, however, always be..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 15th October 2017

    15th Oct 2017

    There has been some good bags this week at Thrunton with more double figure rainbows and browns coming to the net. Windy conditions at the beginning of the week challenged anglers but most adapted well and enjoyed their sport. Buzzers and bloodworms are fishing well at the moment but nymphs and lures have also been productive with anglers having to go deeper on the cooler days...

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  • Fishing Report w/e 8th October 2017

    8th Oct 2017

    Strong winds earlier in the week made fishing more challenging for some anglers but those that handled the conditions had great sport. Anglers have reported good bags this week with fry patterns working particularly well but dries and buzzers are still proving productive with good top of the water sport. We welcomed the Morpeth Chantry Trout Ticklers this weekend with all the c..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 1st October 2017

    1st Oct 2017

    There has been some good sport again this week with anglers still using a variety of different flies to attract the trout. Fish are still high in the water and with the cooler Autumn weather they are now chasing fry. Anglers have reported that varying the type of retrieve and the speed has been most productive. One angler had a superb day on an F-Fly but moving it fast through ..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 24th September 2017

    24th Sep 2017

    Cooler weather conditions and a reduction in water temperatures has led to many more fish coming to the net this week. Anglers have had great sport attracting larger rainbows and browns on lures and fry patterns as they begin to feed more readily. Buzzers, however, are still working effectively and some anglers are still having success on dries when the conditions are favoura..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 17th September 2017

    17th Sep 2017

    Some better catch rates and bigger fish caught this week, a sure sign that Autumn is here with the weather and the water cooling down. Anglers who braved the unsettled weather this week enjoyed some good sport. Fish of the week goes to Paul Pratt who caught a 14lb rainbow on Coe Crag. We also welcomed The Odd Fellows angling group as well as The Castaways fishing group this wee..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 3rd September 2017

    3rd Sep 2017

    Cooler temperatures through the night towards the end of the week has led to some excellent fishing with some larger rainbows and browns beginning to show. It has been a busy week at Thrunton with another successful CAST starter session with coach Steve McCann. Please keep an eye on the Junior section of the website for future events. We held a very competitive Junior/Adult com..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 27th August 2017

    27th Aug 2017

    We have had a fantastic summer with our junior anglers many of whom have successfully completed their Angling Trust Cast awards . From ‘Starters’ through to the more challenging Level 4 all of the Juniors have shown great commitment and improvement and are now proving to be enthusiastic and talented young anglers! Please contact the fishery if you would like to know more ..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 20th August 2017

    20th Aug 2017

    Dry flies and small buzzers have been the most productive flies this week highlighting some great top of the water action when the conditions were favourable. With the fairly warm water temperatures fish can still easily switch off but just as easily switch back on again, and anglers who had the most success were constantly moving and changing flies. Daddies are now starting to..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 13th August 2017

    13th Aug 2017

    With mixed weather angling has been challenging at times this week , many trout are showing as the water is ‘gin’ clear but they are not always easy to tempt at this time of year! Some anglers, however, found the method and the right fly to attract the trout – variety is the spice of life as they say and those who varied approach and tactics faired best . With a definite ..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 6th August 2017

    6th Aug 2017

    Anglers have reported some good catches this week. With a lowering of the water temperature and changes in atmospheric pressure fish are showing more interest in feeding. Some have reported getting many fish just not quite to the net but anglers who change flies regularly and alter depth are enjoying the most productive sessions. We enjoyed some excellent Junior sessions this w..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 30th July 2017

    30th Jul 2017

    The changeable weather has made fishing more challenging again this week. With heavy rain and persistent, swirling winds anglers have had to be more selective with fly choice and techniques. We held our annual summer holiday Junior sessions with some new youngsters to the sport and our regular Juniors working through their Angling Trust CAST awards. Check the website for detail..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 23rd July 2017

    23rd Jul 2017

    It has been a great weekend here at Thrunton hosting the UK Junior Troutmaster Final. Despite the weather Coe Crag lake produced some excellent sport. There were 3 heats with the top four rods qualifying for the final on Sunday afternoon. Heat 1 on Saturday morning was won by 12 year old Alex Jaffrey representing Lechlade Fishery with 18 fish , breaking the Junior Troutmaster r..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 16th July 2017

    16th Jul 2017

    There have been some good catches this week despite the changeable summer weather. Fish have been mostly taken in the top 2 -3 feet of water but during the bright sunny spells anglers have managed to find fish slightly deeper. Fish have been feeding well on caenis during the night and early morning making fishing challenging at times but thankfully they appear to be coming to a..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 9th July 2017

    9th Jul 2017

    The warmer weather this week has made for challenging fishing but it has not stopped the fish from feeding on the surface with most success being within the top 3ft of water. It was a pleasure to welcome the Morpeth Chantry Trout Ticklers on Saturday; top rod was Adam Straughan from Stakeford – well done Adam! Many thanks to Barry Mitchell, Sid Dixie, Bob Crook, Kevin Arkle a..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 2nd July 2017

    2nd Jul 2017

    The wet and blustery weather has lowered the water temperature this week and fish have been feeding more freely. With plenty of fry, damsels and terrestrials about a few bigger fish have being coming to the net from both lakes. Anglers have also reported that there been more beautifully coloured browns also being caught. Generally dry flies have again been the most productive..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 18th June 2017

    18th Jun 2017

    Bright sunshine and warmer weather has made it more of a challenge for anglers this week with some finding buzzers to be the most successful. There has been some prolific hatches of Sedge and Spinners leading to some decent dry fly sport. Damsel flies are now beginning to show so these flies should work well in the coming weeks. There are also many stickleback cruising the marg..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 11th June 2017

    11th Jun 2017

    Another interesting week which was once again dominated by the variances in the weather. However there was still some good bags with anglers having to vary tactics and move around the lake to find fish. The heavy rain at the beginning of the week freshened up the water and for those who bravely faced the elements there was plenty of fish coming to the net. We were pleased to ho..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 4th June 2017

    4th Jun 2017

    Fishing conditions have challenged anglers this week as the hot weather spell continues and the Caenis fly hatches get underway. Fish have been found at all depths over the last few days, many being caught on buzzers and dries but the odd chamois has proved successful. We enjoyed a busy day on Sunday raising funds for Breast Cancer Now – the UKs largest Breast Cancer research..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 28th may 2017

    28th May 2017

    There has been good sport this week on both lakes despite the unseasonal hot weather conditions , during the very bright hot spells anglers have had to be creative in their approach and adapt their fishing techniques accordingly. Many have achieved success on buzzers allowing them to drift into the margins and the evening rises have been particularly productive with exciting to..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 21st May 2017

    21st May 2017

    It’s been another good week at Thrunton with many anglers well into double figures. The changing winds has kept a steady supply of terrestrials blowing onto the water which has resulted in some great top of the water sport when the conditions prevailed. Hawthorns, spinners, olives, sedge and the odd daddy have been prolific but as the cooler East wind blew in anglers had to g..

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  • Fishing Report w/e 14th May 2017

    14th May 2017

    There has been some cracking top of the water sport at Thrunton this week with small black dries being by far the fly of choice. Most fish were caught high in the water even during the bright sunny spells and with some good hatches of hawthorns drifting across the lakes anglers found trout were tempted by black gnats , shipmans and spiders. The fish were found fairly near the m..

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  • Fishing report w/e 7th May 17

    7th May 2017

    It’s been a week where ‘matching the hatch’ has been the key to successful fishing, with some strong hatches of hawthorns and black gnats driving the fish into a frenzy, creating some spectacular top of the water sport for anglers. Despite the cold northerly wind later in the week anglers have had some good bags of trout, with Ross Dixon returning the fish of the week..

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