23rd May 2021 - Fishing Report w/e 23rd May 2021

PLEASE NOTE: Coe Crag Lake will be closed on Monday 31st May for a Club Event. Long Crag lake will remain open as usual. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

We've seen some very changeable weather again this week, and not exactly what you'd expect for the middle of May, However it hasn't deterred the anglers and they have been rewarded with some great sport fishing various tactics. Small Dries such as Griffiths Gnats & Black Gnats have had some good success throughout the week, Diawl Bach's and Mini Lures have also taken some excellent bag numbers when the conditions were slightly rougher.

  • Nick Coffey returned 9 fish to Long Crag using a White Dancer
  • Joe Brown landed 13 fish between both lakes using Cats Whiskers and Olive CDC's
  • Tim Mather enjoyed a two hour evening session returning 9 fish to Long Crag using Dries
  • Derek Todd safely returned 16 fish to Long Crag using Buzzers and Dries
  • Brain Scrowther returned 13 fish to Long Crag using Mini Black Lures
  • Colin Smith landed 7 fish from Long Crag using Diawl Bach's fished about 6" under the surface
  • Steve Robinson released 14 fish to Long Crag using size 20 Black Gnats
  • Terry Ord netted 8 fish from Coe Crag lake
  • Guy Nicholson landed 16 fish between both lakes using Buzzers and a FAB fished on the washing line
  • Mark Cromer used Buzzers to return 12 fish to Long Crag
  • Dave & Steve Bilbrough landed 17 fish between them using Dries and Blobs
  • D. Purves landed 8 fish between both lakes using an Olive Fritz
  • Glen Appleby landed 41 fish over two visits this week using Dries, Nymphs and Lures
  • Ken Glenton returned 20 fish to Long Crag using Drys and Buzzers
  • P. Rudd returned 10 fish to Coe Crag using Buzzers and Cormorants
  • Trevor Wadds returned 10 fish between both lakes using Dries and Diawl Bach's
  • Rob Hall landed 18 fish from Long Crag using Buzzers
  • Tony Rowley landed 13 fish over two short sessions this week
  • Nicky Hart landed 20 fish between both lakes using Apps, Diawl Bach's and Black Lures
  • Dave McKenna returned 20 between both lakes using Various Flies
  • Gary Thompson landed 11 fish from Coe Crag Lake
  • D. Meadows landed 15 fish from Long Crag using Cats Whiskers
  • Peter Appleby returned his limit of 23 fish using Nymphs, Lures and Dries

Fly Box: Diawl Bach's, Griffiths Gnats, PTN's, Apps Bloodworms, Cats Whiskers, Mini Black Lures and Various Dries

Open Daily - 8.30am to 9.00pm. Monday & Saturday 5.00pm close

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