13th May 2024 - Fishing Report

Fishing Report

We have seen a large hatch of Hawthorn flies hatching this week, anglers have found a lot of success with small black Dry flies. Other anglers have reported a washing line has also brought a lot of success too. Towards the back end of the week there was a lot of sedges hatching on the lake. The lakes will now be open until 8pm, but Monday and Saturday will still be 5pm. On Sunday 19th May Long Crag will be closed due to Competitions, Coe Crag will be open as usual.

· Bill McCrorie fished a mix of Shipmans on Coe Crag landing 10 fish

· David Parker also fished various flies on Long Crag safely returning 21 fish

· Howard Croston fished Hawthorns on Long Crag to catch and release 12 fish

· Dean Hedley landed 17 fish over both lakes fishing a mix of flies

· Mick Hall fished a mix of Dries and Buzzers on both lakes landing 9 fish

· Ross Calder landed 8 fish on Long Crag fishing various flies off the boat

· Steve Sanderson fished a team of Buzzers on Long Crag catching 12 fish

· Josh Piper fished a mix of flies on Long Crag landing 20 fish

· Ken Glenton fished Dries and Buzzers on Long Crag netting 19 fish

· Matty Devine fished all tactics on Long Crag to catch 25 fish

· H. Pringle fished a Shammy under the indicator to safely return 10 fish

· Steve Mole fished Dries on Long Crag off multiple pegs landing 13 fish

· B. McCarroll fished wet flies and Dries on both lakes landing 16 fish

· Geoff Huscroft used a mix of Buzzers and Dries on both lakes catching 19 fish

Fly box of the week:

Sedges, Hawthorn, Buzzers, Diawlbachs, Beetle, Bloodworms

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