5th Sep 2021 - Fishing Report w/e 5th September 2021

LAKE CLOSURE - Please notethat Long Crag lake will be closed on Sunday 12th September from opening until 1.30pm. Coe Crag Lake will remain open as usual, and Long Crag will re-open after 1.30pm. Apologies for anyinconvenience caused.

Both lakes continue to provide some great sport for the anglers this week, Buzzers and Diawl Bach's fished on the washing line proving to be very successful. Foam Daddies have also had plenty action this week and should continue to take their fair share of fish through the month of September.

  • A. Foggin returned 9 fish between both lakes using Dries
  • Rob Hall landed 28 fish over a couple of visits this week, using Buzzers and Cormorants
  • Ken Glenton used Daddies and Buzzers to return 16 fish to Long Crag
  • Jed Armstrong netted his limit of 12 fish in 4 hours using Buzzers and FAB's on the Washing Line
  • P. Hepinstall returned 17 fish to Long Crag while fishing from the Boat
  • Jim Brown landed 8 fish between both lakes using Emergers
  • C. Tait used Dries to return 22 fish to Long Crag over two visits
  • Trevor Wadds returned 24 fish over two visits using Lures, FAB's, Dries and Diawl Bach's
  • Nick Holland landed 11 fish between both lakes using Dries and Bibios
  • Paul Hird landed 12 fish from Long Crag using FAB's
  • Steven Fish landed 36 fish over two visits from the Boat, Dries, FAB's, Buzzers and Cats Whiskers all taking fish
  • John & Brian Burdis landed 8 and 17 fish from Long Crag using Wotsits, Buzzers and Egg Fly
  • Eric Carmichael used Bloodworms, Diawl Bach's, FAB's and Buzzers to landed 10 fish from Long Crag
  • Nev Clark landed 8 fish between both lakes using Cats Whiskers and Black Humongous
  • D. Hodgson landed 15 fish from Long Crag using Dries
  • Darren Walker netted 8 fish using Emergers

Fly Box: Buzzers, Diawl Bach's, Daddies, Emergers, FAB's, Cats Whiskers and Cormorants

Open Daily - 8.30am to 8.00pm. Monday & Saturday 5.00pm Close

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