15th Aug 2021 - Fishing Report w/e 15th August 2021

The fishing conditions and bag numbers have continued to improve throughout this week, with a cooler water temperature the fish have been on the move and hunting for food. Buzzers, Nymphs and Dries have taken the majority of the fish this week. Anglers have reported landing fish up to the 8lb Region, with Rob Hall landing an 8lb 9oz Tiger Trout from Long Crag Lake.

  • Matty Devine landed 9 fish between both lakes using Lures and Dries
  • Jim Smith returned 8 fish to Long Crag using CDC's
  • Derek Keane landed 5 fish from Long Crag using CDC's
  • Ian Santos landed 10 fish over two visits this week using Dries and Buzzers
  • Trevor Wadds landed 11 fish from Long Crag using Lures and Diawl Bach's
  • Dave Calder returned 5 fish to Coe Crag using Olive Buzzers
  • Ken Glenton landed 7 fish using Dries and Buzzers
  • Alan Jarvis used Diawl Bach's to net 7 fish from Long Crag
  • Rob Hall landed 15 fish between both lakes using a Bunny Leach
  • Richard Palframan used Black Lures and Klinkhamers to return 11 fish between both lakes
  • Michael Hall returned 10 fish to Long Crag using Dries
  • Nicky Hart netted 20 fish between both lakes using Apps, Buzzers and Dries
  • J. Burn landed 15 fish from Coe Crag using Various Flies
  • Mick Hall landed 11 fish from Long Crag using Daddies
  • Terry Toner landed 11 fish over three short evening visits this week, mainly using Dries.
  • Steve Dixon landed 6 fish from Long Crag using Blobs and Dries
Fly Box: Buzzers, Apps Bloodworms, CDC's, Daddies, Bunny Leach, Hoppers and Various other Dries
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