27th Sep 2021 - Fishing Report W/E 26.9.21

· Cooling waters and darker evenings are beginning to trigger the trout’s natural instinct to feed before the onset of winter. This week has seen some good bags and also some of the larger fish have been coming to the net with quite a few between 6 and 15lb been recorded by anglers.

· A. Foggin returned 16 fish over both lakes using Buzzers.

· J. Avery returned 9 to Coe Crag using Buzzers.

· Sonia Leyden released 10 fish to Coe Crag including one at 10.5lb all on Buzzers.

· Ken Glenton from Ashington returned 7 on Coe Crag and 2 on Long Crag using Dries.

· Ian Santos returned 24 over a couple of visits this week on lures and dries.

· Rob Hall returned 14 on bunnies to Long Crag. On another visit Rob returned 13 on Cats Whiskers.

· Trevor Wadds returned 10 to Long Crag using Diawl Bachs Fabs and Apps worms.

· Guy Nicholson released 16 on Long Crag using Fabs and black Crunchers.

· John Cowel returned 10 to long Crag using Fabs And Blobs.

· Davy Fisher released 5 to Long Crag Using Shipmans Buzzers.

· B Davison returned 8 to Long Crag using Black Lures.

· Matty Devine returned 32 to Long Crag over 2 days using his Assassin and Devine Dancers.

· C Stoddart returned 7 and kept 4 nice fish using an Olive and Yellow Cormorant.

· Paul Hird released 6 including one Double using Buzzers.

· Carl Thompson released 5 on Long Crag Using Fabs and Buzzers.

· G. Jacobs returned 6 to Long Crag using Fabs.

· Eamon Looney releasd 9 and kept 4 using CDCs on Long Crag.

· Tony Baron returned 14 to Long Crag from a Float Tube using Hares Ears.

· John Pringle returned 12 over both lakes using Daddies and Fabs.

· Tony Rowley released14 over 2 short visits using dries and Fabs.

· Mick Brown returned 19 on Long Crag using Buzzers.

· Austin Churm returned 18 over two visits using Lures and Cormorants.

· David Todd returned 18 on Long Crag having his best day fishing Daddies.

· Dave Rylett released 12 on Long Crag using Buzzers.

· Mick Crosbie returned 6 to Coe Crag using Diawl Bach’s.

· Ant Medows returned 7 fish over both lakes.

· Eric Caisley released 8 on Long Crag using small Dries.

· D Long returned 11 to Long Crag using CDCs and Caddis.

· Jimmy Drew released 12 on Coe Crag using Bunny’s and Squirmy’s.

· N Young released 7 using CDC Daddie.

· D Parker kept 4 and returned 7 on Long Crag using Fab’s Dry’s and Shammies.

· S. Walling returned 4 and kept 4 on Long Crag using various flies.

· Stew Younger returned 6 over both lakes using CDCs and Sedge Hogs.

FLY BOX: Daddies, CDCs, FABs Diawl Bach. Hares Ear, Cats Whiskers, Bunny Leeches, Buzzers.

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