11th Jul 2021 - Fishing Report w/e 11th July 2021

Dries and Emergers have again taken most of the better bag numbers this week, Nymphs also proving successful when the fish have been feeding just subsurface. With large numbers of damsels hatching, hatching olive nymph patterns have taken some decent bag numbers.
Kev Dunn and Lee Mooney enjoyed some great sport on their float tubes, while fishing the Early Bird session on Saturday. Anyone who is interested in using their float tube at Thrunton, please send us and email or give us a call.

  • Trevor Wadds safely returned 8 fish to Long Crag using size 16 Hares Ear Dries
  • Matty Devine landed 16 fish from Long Crag using Dries
  • Jim Smith netted 8 fish from Long Crag also using Dries
  • D. Kinghorn used Shipmans to release 8 fish to Coe Crag
  • Ken Glenton netted 7 fish between both lakes using Dries
  • Ian Santos returned 11 fish using Lures, Dries and Buzzers
  • Doug Cromarty returned 9 fish using Top Hats
  • Dave Coxon used CDC Buzzers to return 5 fish to Coe Crag
  • Brian Kerr used Suspender Buzzers to release 11 fish to Long Crag
  • Steve Noble landed 7 fish from Coe Crag using Dries
  • Blair Davidson landed 7 fish between both lakes using Black & Green Lures
  • P. Bilbrough used Buzzers to return 8 fish to Long Crag
  • Ian Callow used Diawl Bach's and FABS to return 9 fish to Long Crag
  • Rob Hall landed 7 fish from Long Crag using Dries and Shammys
  • Stewart Younger returned 7 fish between both lakes
  • Kev Dunn landed 7 fish while Float Tubing on Long Crag
  • Derek Hodgson landed 15 fish from Long Crag
  • Darren Middleton used CDC Hoppers and Top Hats to return 7 fish to Long Crag
Fly Box: CDC's, Top Hats, Hatching Olives, Buzzers, Black Lures, Diawl Bach's, Crunchers and Dries

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