21st Oct 2019 - Fishing Report 20th October 2019

Temperatures touching 0 degrees a few mornings this week, and some slightly more settled weather. Some more nice tigers around the 4lb mark have been landed this week along with numerous fish around 10lb. Derek Todd landed the largest fish this week, which was estimated at a minimum of 15lb. The cooler water temperature has certainly made the fish a lot more active and the fish are in excellent condition giving the anglers some 'excellent sport'. Small Spiders played a large part of the trouts diet during the beginning part of the week, due to the huge numbers of webs drifting across the water, while these proved hard to imitate, small black foam beetles proved successful while the fish were feeding heavily in the top few inches of water. The Oddfellows angling club from Alnwick visited on Sunday, Alan Crowe landed the largest fish which weighed in at 5lb 7oz. Jason Clark had the heaviest bag weighing in at 10lbs for 4 fish on a cut throat cat.

  • Mac Gallagher had a 'good day' netting 7 fish from Long Crag using Black Lures
  • Morpeth angler, Rob Hall had a 'great afternoon' session safely returning 14 fish to Long Crag using Buzzers, on a second visit this week Rob released another 10 fish using a Bunny leech.
  • Alec Harvey from Cramlington released 7 fish between both lakes using Bloodworms, Diawl Bach's and Lures
  • Paul Pratt had a 'cracking day' netting 14 fish between both lakes using Foam Beetles, Diawl Bach's and Lures
  • Jim Smith fished an Egg Fly on a Slow Glass line to return 11 fish to Long Crag, while fishing into the wind
  • Barry Nicholson landed 9 fish between both lakes using Nymphs and Dries
  • Derek Todd used Nymphs and Dries to land 9 fish from Long Crag, including a Rainbow at 15lb
  • Ken Ward from Cramlington used a Dirty Dancer to net 4 fish from Long Crag, including a 10lb Rainbow
  • D. Rylatt from Blyth used a Minkie to return 3 fish to Long Crag including a 3lb Tiger
  • Ross Goulden released 4 fish to Coe Crag using Various Lures, one of which was a 4lb Tiger.
  • Mike Dodd from Alnwick returned 6 to Long Crag using a Damsel fly including one at 8lb.
  • Eric Caisley from Morpethreturned 12 to Long Crag using Nymphs Dries and Lures including one at 10lbs and one at 7lbs.
  • Kenny Mcmahon from Ilderton returned 5 to Coe Crag using Buzzers.
  • Ken Ward from Cramlington released 4 to Long Crag including one at 10lb using Dirty Dancers.
  • I Gaffneyhad an excellent day returning 6 to Long Crag using Lures and Diawl Bachs.
  • Chris Nichol had a good day returning 9 to long Crag using Emergers.
  • W Bell returned 5 to Long Crag using Yellow Owls.
  • Mick Brown from Bedlington had a great day releasing 19 over both lakes using Emergers.
  • Ken Glentonfrom Ashington released 14 on Long Crag using Diawl Bachs, Daddies and shammies.
  • Paul Hird from Sunderland returned 7 to Coe Crag using Buzzers.
  • Dave Spike Millican returned 1 to Long Crag and 5 to Coe Crag including a lovely Tiger using Buzzers and Crunchers

Fly Box: Buzzers, Foam Beetles, Cats Whisker, Yellow Dancer, Bloodworms, Diawl Bach'sBlack Lures, Emergers and various Damsels.

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