24th Aug 2020 - Fishing Report 23 august 2020

We've seen a real improvement in the weather conditions this week, which in return has made a huge improvement to the catches. Anglers have taken fish at various depths in the water column, but mainly Dries, Nymphs and Buzzers have accounted for most of the fish getting caught. We welcomed Peter Cockwill to the fishery this week with photographer Peter Gathercole who come to do an upcoming article about the fishery for Trout and Salmon Magazine; and of course, had a few casts for themselves. Anglers have again been landing some excellent fish around the 4-7lb mark, which have been putting up some excellent fights.

  • Steve Robinson returned 8 fish to Coe Crag using Hares Ears, three of which were Tiger Trout
  • Derek Keane safely released 8 fish to Long Crag using Black Buzzers, his best fish was a 5-6lb Rainbow
  • World Champion, Howard Croston returned 5 fish using Dries, during a short session on Coe Crag
  • Gav Hall landed 8 fish from Long Crag using Dries, during his evening session
  • Ken Glenton used Buzzers to safely return 12 fish to Long Crag
  • Ian Callow returned 12 fish in total, all caught using Diawl Bach's
  • R. Thompson netted 4 fish from Long Crag using Diawl Bach's
  • Brian Lavery returned 5 to Long Crag and 2 to Coe Crag using Para Buzzers.
  • S Wilkinson returned a total of 7 fish over both lakes using Cormorants.
  • D Kean released 5 on Long Crag using Buzzers.
  • D Blythe released 8 on Long Crag using Daddy’s
  • J Mcintosh released 8 over both lakes using Shipman’s.
  • Eric Caisley released 5 using Daddie’s.
  • R Hek released 5 four from Coe Crag using Dry’s.
  • Lee Rankin returned 5 to Long Crag using Black F.Fly’s.
  • Kevin Murray released 14 on Coe Crag using Cdc and Shipman’s buzzers.
  • G Hughes released 11 over both lakes using Cormorants.

Fly Box: Diawl Bach's, Black Buzzers, Daddies, Shipman’s Buzzers, CDC's, Cormorants, Hares Ears and Various other Dries

Open Daily - 8.30am to 8..00. Monday & Saturday 5.00pm Close.

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