10th Feb 2019 - Fishing Report w/e 10th February 2019

The slightly milder conditions have provided anglers with the opportunity to be fishing high in the water this week. One angler managed to safely release 10 fish using Black Gnat's during his 6 hour session. The shallow bays on Long Crag have proved to be very productive with most of the larger bag numbers coming from those areas at the beginning part of the week.

  • Davy Kay from Morpeth landed 15 fish between both lakes using Lures over his two visits this week.
  • Ken Glenton from Ashington had a 'good day' returning 10 fish to Long Crag using Black Gnats.
  • Alec Harvey from Cramlington safely released 11 fish to Long Crag using Apps Bloodworms and Nymphs, having a 'great day'.
  • Longframlington angler, Trevor Wadds safely released 10 fish to Long Crag using Bloodworms and Diawl Bach's.
  • Matty Devine from Hadston had a 'good day' returning 11 fish between both lakes using Lures.
  • Steve Kelly safely returned 11 fish to Long Crag using a Foam Beetle and a Black Buzzer
  • M. Richards used a Yellow Dancers to safely return 9 fish to Coe Crag.
  • Jaime Scott from Alnwick landed 7 fish between both lakesusing Lures.
  • Mikey Fullerton from Consett landing 7 fish from Coe Crag using Buzzers
  • Rob Hall from Morpeth, had a 'great day' landing 7 fish from Long Crag using a Bunny Leach. Rob also landed one fish at 8lb.
  • Kevin Dinning safely returned 6 fish to Long Crag using Apps Worms.
  • Stewart Younger landed 7 fish between both lakes using Diawl Bach’s.

Fly Box: Black Gnat's, Apps Bloodworms, Buzzers, Foam Beetle, Diawl Bach's, Yellow Dancers and Bunny Leaches.

Open Daily - 8.30am to 4.00pm

Please Note: Long Crag will be closed on 16th February for a TEFF Fundraising Competition. Coe crag will remain open as usual. Apologies for any inconvenience to our regular anglers.

The Fishery will also be closed on the 23rd & 24th February for a Fritz & Flies Competition. Apologies for any inconvenience causedto our regular anglers.

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