10th Nov 2019 - Fishing Report w/e 10th November 2019

Even though we have had some very unsettled weather this week some of the anglers have still managed some ‘good sport’ in all levels of the water. During some of the calmer conditions, Dries have been proving more successful than Lures fished on intermediate lines. Some magnificent fish in the 6 - 9lb region have been landed this week, which have been giving the anglers a good battle before they are returned to fight another day! Our Tiger trout continue to show through the week, which always pleasantly surprises the anglers during their days sport.

  • Robin Earl from Whitley Bay had a good day releasing 4 and keeping 4 weighing in at 13lb 6oz from Long Crag on Buzzers and Lures best fish kept was 6lb 6oz.
  • MattyDevine fromHadstonhad a ‘great days sport’ with 14 fish from Long Crag using Lures and Nymphs.
  • Tony Adams released 2 on each lake usingShipman'sBuzzers and Daddies.
  • John Durkin fromLemingtonreturned 6 to Long Crag using a white lure.
  • Callum Shipley from Blyth released 3 and kept 2 for 4lb 7oz using Buzzers and Lures on Coe Crag.
  • Regular Ray Wood fromWest - Woodburnreleased 6 on Coe Crag using Apps Bloodworm's.
  • Steve Noble from Linton returned 5 to Coe Crag using Dry’s.
  • JimLumsdenfrom Cramlington returned 4 to Long Crag on a wet and windy day using lures best fish 9lb.
  • Lee Rankin fromHadstonreturned 4 to Long Crag including two ‘Hard Fighting’ Tigers using a Yellow Apps.
  • Mick Brown from Bedlington released 15 over both lakes using Small Nymphs.
  • Rob Frame from Newcastle returned 9 fish to Long Crag using Apps Bloodworm's and Black Shipman's
  • Peter Davison from Blyth used Blobs to return 14 fish to Long crag
  • M. Blackwood used a Olive Minkie to net 4 fish between both lakes, including a 9lber
  • L. Leng, J. Firby and C. Teasdale safely released 18 fish between them using Various Flies.
  • Ashington angler, Martin Gaffney landed 8 fish in 4hrs using a Black Lure and a PTN

FLY BOX: Buzzers, Cats Whiskers, Dawsons, Diawl Bach's, Apps Bloodworm's (gold), various fry patterns and Daddies.

Open Daily - 8.30am to 4.00pm

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