12th Oct 2020 - Fishing Report w/e 11th October 2020

We have still seen plenty of action in the top few feet of water this week, with Diawl Bach's fished on a Floating line proving to be very successful during the beginning to middle part of the week. As the weather turned cooler towards the end of the week, and the cold north wind became more prolific, Apps Bloodworms and Lures accounted for the majority of the fish.
We are holding a Team England Fundraiser - Puddle pairs competition on Sunday 18th October, anyone interested in fishing, please contact the fishery via email or Facebook Messenger.

  • Ronnie Glass from Kelso returned 8 fish over both lakes using Dries
  • Eric Caisley from Morpeth netted 7 fish from Long Crag using Nymphs
  • Derek Todd safely released 20 fish to Long Crag using Plain size 14 Diawl Bach's
  • David Windram landed 10 fish from Long Crag using Diawl Bach's and Buzzers
  • Ian Hughes also used Diawl Bach's to return 6 fish to Coe Crag
  • Paul Hird netted 7 fish over both lakes using Black Buzzers
  • Tom & Lee Blaylock returned 5 fish each using Cats Whiskers
  • Ken Glenton from Ashington used Buzzers and Chamois to return 10 fish to Long Crag
  • Gary Surtees returned 7 fish to Long Crag using Apps Bloodworms
  • D. Steel landed 6 fish from Coe Crag
Fly Box: Buzzers, Diawl Bach's, Cats Whiskers, CDC's, PTN's, GRHE and Black Lures

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