18th Oct 2020 - Fishing Report w/e 18th October 2020

Overall, this week we've seen some very impressive bag numbers and some cracking fish caught. As the fish continue to chase the sticklebacks, any fry patters have been fairly productive. The fish are still being caught in the top few feet of water, and on the odd occasion throughout the day following a hatch of flies, the fish have been feeding on the surface. Mini Cats Whiskers and Apps Bloodworms have been the most productive flies this week.
We are featured in The Trout & Salmon magazine this month, a fantastic 6 page article written by Peter Cockwill, following his visit earlier in the year. It's well worth a read, November Issue.
We hosted The TEFF Puddle Pairs fundraiser on Sunday, where 20 anglers helped to raise money for the England Bank Team. The cold and very calm conditions made the fishing challenging at times, however those anglers who 'dug deep' were rewarded. Well done at all the qualifiers, and a big thanks to everyone for turning up, and to Lee Cartmail for organising the event.
1st Pair - Davey Parker & Howard Croston
2nd Pair - Alan McPhail & Gareth Tilley
3rd Pair - Davy Kay & Rodney Burn

  • Steve Dixon returned 6 fish over both lakes using Various Lures
  • Don Lake netted 5 fish from Long Crag using Cormorants
  • Alec Harvey returned 15 fish over both lakes, having some 'Great Sport' and landing some 'Lovely fish'
  • John Angus netted 9 fish from Long Crag using Various Lures
  • Mick Brown returned 16 fish to Long Crag using Buzzers, including a 12lb Rainbow
  • Ken Glenton released 9 fish over both lakes using Various Flies
  • Chris Nichol used Amber Apps and Suspender Buzzers to return 12 fish to Long Crag
  • Anth Meadows released 12 fish over both lakes
  • Stu Ward used a Chamois to release 10 fish to Long Crag
  • Tom Blaylock returned 14 fish to Long Crag using Cats Whiskers
  • Gregg Johnson returned 12 fish to Long Crag during a 4 hour session from the Boat, fish caught using Varios Lures.
  • Derek Todd returned 8 fish using Hares Ear Nymphs
  • Barry Keenan released 8 fish over both lakes using Cats Whiskers
  • Darren Walker used a Bloodworm to release 8 fish to Long Crag
  • Derek Hodgson landed 14 fish from Long Crag using Bloodworms
  • Jamie Scott used Bloodworms and F-Flys to release 12 fish to Long Crag
Fly Box: Cats Whiskers, Apps Bloodworms, Suspender Buzzers, Diawl Bach's, Buzzers and Various other Lures

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