1st Dec 2019 - Fishing Report w/e 1st December 2019

More turbulent weather this week with mist and rain has not put the fish off with some hardy anglersstill managing some good returns. We were honored to have some of the lads from Fishing For Heroes this week who enjoyed their day one of whom landed a cracking 9lb 12oz Rainbow. A good number of tigers have been landed this week, and their appearance is still shocking some of our anglers that weren't aware of their presence in both of our lakes. Some cracking fish have also been landed this week, quite a few around the 5-7lb mark, but also some of our double figured fish still being caught. Our 5 aerators have continued to prevent ice from forming on both of our lakes, during the cold and frosty weather that arrived during the latter part of the week.

  • MattyDevine fromHadstonreturned 20 fish over both lakes using Lures and Worms.
  • Duncan Passmore fromPontelandreturned 5 to Long Crag usingMontanaNymphs.
  • Derek Todd from Morpeth returned 10 to Long Crag Catching Just subsurface using PTN's and DiawlBachs.
  • JimLumsdenfrom Cramlington had a Great day returning 7 to Long Crag using damsels.
  • Steve Noble from Linton had a good day returning 5 to Long Crag using mini Lures including fish of 6lb, 7lb and 8lb.
  • John Durkin fromLemingtonreturned 12 to Long Crag Using lures and Bloodworms.
  • A. Pick returned 4 to Coe Crag including two 5lb tigers using Apps and DiawlBachs.
  • Mick Brown from Bedlington returned 16 over both lakes using lures and Buzzers.
  • Jason Rice returned 6 to Long Crag using Blue Flash Damsels.
  • D. McNally had a 'cracking day' returning 8 fish to Long Crag using Fluffcats and Cormorants
  • M. Blackwood used Cats Whiskers and Apps Bloodworms to return 8 fish to Long Crag, including two fish at 7lb, having a 'great day'
  • Ken Glenton from Ashington also netted 8 fish from Long Crag using a Chamois, including one fish at 10lb
  • Morpeth angler, Davy Kay landed 10 fish between both lakes including two tigers and a Double figured Rainbow
  • David Jordan used Lures and Hares Ear Nymphs to return 10 fish between both lakes, including 1 tiger and 1 Double figured Rainbow
  • Lewis Hirst had a 'good day' returning 13 fish over both lakes using Apps Bloodworms and Zonkers
  • Lewis Leng netted 9 fish from Coe Crag using a Zonker
  • Mick Kelly from Swarland had a 'cold but good' afternoon session, returning 7 fish between both lakes.

FLY BOX: Diawl Bach. Blood Worms. Damsels. Snails. Foam Beetles. Cats Whiskers. Yellow Dancers.

Open Daily - 8.30am to 4.00pm

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