1st Oct 2017 - Fishing Report w/e 1st October 2017

There has been some good sport again this week with anglers still using a variety of different flies to attract the trout. Fish are still high in the water and with the cooler Autumn weather they are now chasing fry. Anglers have reported that varying the type of retrieve and the speed has been most productive. One angler had a superb day on an F-Fly but moving it fast through the water. Buzzers and lures have also worked well

- Dennis Hopper from Durham used a gold head buzzer to land 11 from both lakes

- Robert Hopper also from Durham had ‘ a very good day’ returning 13 on an F-Fly

- Jim Lumsden from Cramlington enjoyed his 2 visits releasing 10 & 11 on a mixture of home tied flies

- Hadston angler Matty Devine netted 14 from Coe Crag on various buzzers and lures

- Red Buzzers worked well for Shaun Herron who brought 11 to the net from both lakes

- Gary Morgan from North Shields had ‘great fun’ landing 11 on white lures

- David Dodds from Ashington kept 4 for 10lb 3oz and released a further 3 from Long Crag on a gold head daddy

- Mick Brown from Bedlington returned 20 from both lakes on an elk hair caddis

- Ian Callow from Dunbar had ‘great sport’ on buzzers releasing 11 from both lakes

- Trevor Wadds from Longframlington landed 9 from both lakes on buzzers, dries and bloodworm

- Eric Caisley from Morpeth also returned 9 on black dries and nymphs

Flies of the week:- Buzzers, nymphs, caddis, bloodworm, gold head daddies, and various other dries and lures.

Fishery Hours:- Open daily 8.30am to 6.00pm daily. Saturday 5.00pm close.

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