2nd Sep 2019 - Fishing Report w/e 1st September 2019

As the temperature begins to drop, the fishing has improved at Thrunton this week, during the beginning part of the week; anglers had to fish deeper toachievethe better bag numbers. However moving towards the end of the week, a lot of the fish being landed were much higher in the water column; with layer evenings providing some good sport for those fishing Dries. We held our Junior Competition on Friday evening, which despite the strong winds all of the juniors has action, either hooking into fish and loosing them or missing them on Dries. Harry Knox took first place landing 3 fish, second place went to Michael Humble and Third place went to Aiden Young. Overall the conditions this summerhaven'tmade it easy for the Juniors, however their Casting and tactics have improvedmassively, so well done toeveryonewho has taken part.
  • Rodney Burn from Blyth fished Diawl Bach's deep to safely return 6 fish to Coe Crag, during the bright conditions
  • Brian Lillie landed to fish from Long Crag, one estimated a 7lb and the other at 6lb caught using a PTN
  • Pete Askew landed 3 fish from Long Crag during his evening session, keeping two fish for 4.9lb caught using Hoppers
  • Arnie Birchinall used a Damsel and Dries to release 5 fish to Long Crag. Arnie landed one fish estimated at 6-7lb and another at 9-10lb
  • Bedlington angler, Mick Brown used an Olive Megs Favorite to return 17 fish to Long Crag having an 'excellent day'
  • Kenny McMahon from Illderton used Dries, Buzzers and Lures to safely return 7 fish to Long Crag
  • Ray Wood from West Woodburn landed a beautiful 7lb 12oz Brownie from Coe Crag
  • Mick Kelly from Swarland used Daddies to return 5 fish to Long Crag during his evening session
  • E. Charlton safely returned 4 fish to Coe Crag
Fly Box: Buzzers, Diawl Bach's, Daddies, Hoppers, Damsels and Various other Dries and Lures
Open Daily - 8.30am to 8.00pm. Monday & Saturday 5.00pm Close.
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