21st Apr 2019 - Fishing Report w/e 21st April 2019

After cold start to the week fish were still moving and feeding high up in the water, as the weather gradually warmed up lots of fish have been feeding off the top, even so matching the hatch has also proved to be a challenge but anglers who succeeded have enjoyed some good sport. Small foam beetles were very successful on Saturday as the fish were feeding heavily on those, Buzzers and CDC Emergers have also been working well this week. Plenty double figured fish have been landed this week on both lakes.

· Joe Brown from Bedlington had some good sport on Long Crag releasing 7 and keeping 2 for 4lb 3oz on his first visit using Shipmans Buzzers and releasing 4 and keeping 2 for 4lb 5oz on his second using Shuttlecock buzzers.

· Trevor Wadds from Longframlington released 5 to Long Crag and 11 to Coe Crag on Apps and Dries.

· Andrew Schreiner from Morpeth returned 8 to Coe Crag using Fabs and Buzzers.

· Brian Lavery from Linton returned 3 to Long Crag and 5 to Coe Crag using Yellow owls.

· Jimmy Richardson released 3 and kept 2 for 4lb on Coe Crag also using Yellow owls.

· Wooler angler Julien Bales returned 10 to Long Crag on small dries.

· Paul Hird from Sunderland returned 17 to Coe Crag having a ‘cracking day’ on Buzzers.

· Mathew Robson from Morpeth used P.T.N and Lures to net 10 on Long Crag.

· Bob smithreturned 12 over both lakes with size 16 CDC.

· Trevor Wadds returned 8 over both lakes on his second visit using drie

· Friends Ian Callow and Rob Thompson from Dunbar returned 8 each on Buzzers Diawl Bachs and Spiders.

· Si Nicols releasd 16 from the boat using Buzzers and Diawl Bach.

· Greg Lewins from Belsay released 14 also from the boat using Blood worms and Blobs.

· Father and son J and M walker returned 11 fish between them to Long Crag using Damsels.

· Ricky Usher released 7 and kept 3 for 12lb 7oz using Buzzers shammies and Crunchers.

· Rob Hall from Morpeth released 9 on Coe Crag including one of 10lb and one of 6lb on Buzzers.

· Jamie Scott from Alnwick had 22 on Long Crag on Buzzers and Blobs over his two visits.

· Mick Brown from Bedlington also used Buzzers to safely release 20 to Long Crag.

· Josh Piper released 20 over both lakes using various flies.

· Andy Richmond used a PTN and a Blob to landed 19 fish between both lakes.

· Stu Ward returned 14 fish to Long Crag using Buzzers and Chamois

· Peter Walker used a Montana to land 13 fish from Coe Crag.

· Mick Gallagher from Ellington released 7 on Long Crag using Buzzers and CDCs.

· Sonia Leyden June Avery and Elain Mccullu from the ladies Invicta Fly Fishing club fished Coe Crag releasing 18 fish between them on Buzzers CDCs and Bibios.

· John Allison returned 16 to Long Crag with foam Emergers.

· Chris Pearson from Newbiggin released10 on Coe Crag using Bloodworms and buzzers.

· Barry Nicholson from Bedlington Released 12 on Coe Crag using Buzzers and CDCs.

Fly Box - Buzzers, CDC's,Yellow Owls, F Flies,Beetles, Emergers, Bloodworms, Blobs, Shammies.

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