23rd Jun 2019 - Fishing Report w/e 23rd June 2019

A Variety of weather conditions, has allowed angler to enjoy some varied sport on all depths. Some anglers finding Mini Lures fished on a sinking line to be successful, while others found Buzzers fished in the top few feet of water to be deadly during the beginning part of the week. During the slightly warmer weather, both CDC's and Daddies took their fair share of fish.

  • Jed Armstrong from Morpeth landed 16 fish between both lakes using a Whicked White Buzzer fished at 2'
  • Ian Alexander from Chester - Le - Street safely returned 5 fish to Coe Crag using Blobs
  • Longframlington angler, Chris Deathe had a 'great afternoon' andlanded 6 fish from Long Crag using Buzzers, PTN's and Daddies
  • Jim Burtle from Newcastle had a 'good day' safely returning 6 fish to Long Crag using Dries
  • Paul Pratt safely released 6 fish between both lakes using Various Flies
  • Trevor Wadds from Longframlington used Dries and Blobs to land 5 fish from Long Crag
  • Craster angler, Alex Ainslie safely released 6 fish between both alkes using a Mini Cats Whisker
  • Julian Bales from Wooler using a CDC to safely return 5 fish to Long Crag
  • Tommy Mark from Brampton using Sedges and Hatching Olives to safely return 13 fish over two visits this week having two 'good days fishing'. Tommy also landed a beautifully conditioned 6lb Brownie.
  • Gateshead angler, David Todd using Various Dries to land 8 fish between both lakes
  • Rob Hall from Morpeth had a 'great day' returning 15 fish to Long Crag using Hoppers and F Fly's
  • Mick Brown from Bedlington safely releasing 18 fish to Long Crag using Buzzers
  • Austin Churm landed 8 fish from Long Crag using Various Flies

Fly Box: Buzzers, PTN's, Daddies, Black Beetles, Cats Whiskers, CDC's and Hoppers

Open Daily - 8.30am to 9.00pm. Monday and Saturday 5.00pm Close

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