24th Mar 2019 - Fishing Report w/e 24th March 2019

Milder weather and some slightly more settled conditions, has resulted in some excellent bags being recorded here at Thrunton this week. At the beginning part of the week we saw some very impressive hatches, where size proved to be key when matching the hatch. However when the wind increased, fish would move to feeding sub surface on Buzzer’s, Spiders and Small Nymphs. CDC’s and Black Gnats accounted for the majority of the fish caught on the surface this week. This week we held our Trout Master Fish off, it was a 6 hour competition on Coe Crag. 10 anglers fished, 2 of which were fishing in the junior section attempting to qualify allowing them to fish the Junior Trout Masters UK final here at Thruton in July. 64 fish were caught making a rod average of 6.4. A big well done goes to Phil Green who qualified for the seniors, and also to Ryan Foggon who will be fishing for Thrunton during the Junior Final. Thank you to our marshals; Jim Foggon and Andrew Lister for helping on the day. Members of the North East Ladies angling club, visited Thrunton on Sunday all thoroughly enjoying their fishing session.

  • The Ashfield’s from Brampton all had a ‘great’ 3 hours landing 12 fish between three anglers, all caught using Buzzers.
  • Blyth angler, Reg Jacobs landed 23 fish between both lakes using Buzzers and Lures, also having three ‘great days’.
  • Trevor Wadds from Longframlington safely returned 23 fish to Long Crag using Dries over his two visits this week.
  • Alan Morton from Gosforth released 10 fish to Long Crag, all caught using Buzzers.
  • Kevin Dinning had an ‘electric morning’ returning 14 fish between both lakes using Buzzers and Spiders.
  • Newcastle angler, Jim Burtle had a ‘great day on dries’ releasing 12 to Long Crag using Yellow Owl’s.
  • Ken Glenton had a ‘good day’ using Black Gnats and Buzzers releasing 28 between both lakes over his two visits.
  • Andy Gorman from Morpeth had a ‘good afternoon’ landing 8 fish between both lakes using an Olive Cruncher.
  • Brothers, Corey and Mitchell Dow kept 4 fish each, one bag total at 14lb the other at 16lb. Mitchell had the best fish weighing in at 6lb 15oz, all caught using Fritz.
  • Peter Kerr from Longhorsley had an ‘outstanding afternoon’ landing 12 fish in 4 Hours using a Black Emerger.
  • Andrew Scott used Buzzers and CDC’s to safely return 20 fish to Long Crag.
  • P. Jaques from Alwinton landed 18 fish between both lakes using CDC’s.
  • Derek Hare had a ‘Brilliant Day’ fishing small nymphs and catching 19 fish between both lakes.
  • Derek and David Todd both landed 12 fish each from Long Crag using Dries and Nymphs, most of their fish were in the region of 5-8lb.
  • Josh Piper from Pegswood safely released 40 fish over his two visits this week all caught using Buzzers and Lures.
  • Matty Devine from Hadston released 20 fish between both lakes using Lures and Diawl Bach’s.
  • Rodney Burn from Blyth safely released 15 fish to Coe Crag using Damsels and App’s Bloodworms.
  • David Kay from Morpeth released 17 to Coe Crag using Various Lures.

Fly Box: Buzzers, Spiders, Black Gnats, Yellow Owls, Crunchers, Fritz and Hot head Damsels

Open Daily – 8.30am to 6.00pm. Monday and Saturday 5.00pm close.

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