25th Oct 2020 - Fishing Report w/e 25th October 2020

Some welcome more settled weather this week consisting of light winds and just the odd shower has presented anglers with some good sport, with a mixture of flies accounting for some cracking fish including 1 at 8lb for Guy Nicholson, 1 at 8lb for Steve Nobel. 1 at 7lb and 1 at 5lb for Mick Brown. And a lovely 10lb brownie for Ken Ward. Also some nice tigers up to 5lb been recorded by anglers.

On Saturday we welcomed Eyewater Angling Club. The guys had a good day with almost everyone bagging up. The best bag was B Douglas with a bag weight of 15lb 13oz for 4 fish. 2nd Tom Mullen with 4 fish for 15lb 5oz for 4 fish. 3rd was Robert Weir with 4 fish for 15lb 4oz.

· Steve Dixon returned 5 to Long Crag and 1 to Coe Crag using Black Fritz and Cats Whiskers.

· Brian Conway released 8 to Long Crag using various Lures.

· Derek Todd from Morpeth released 7 to Long Crag using Nymphs and CDC Bibio Hoppers.

· Lee Blaylock returned 5 to Coe Crag using Blue Flash Damsels.

· Ken Glenton from Ashington returned 15 to Long Crag using Bunny Leech and Shammys.

· Mick Brown from Bedlington returned 13 to Long Crag including one at 7lb and one at 5lb, using Lures

· Ray Oconnor returned 6 to Coe Crag using Cats whiskers and Buzzers.

· O Ibbeson released 10 over both lakes using Ace of Spades.

· J Jervis returned 5 over both lakes using Pink Bloodworms.

· Colin Parks returned 8 to Coe Crag using Brown Nymphs.

· Guy Nicholson returned 16 over both lakes using Peach Shimmys.

· Si Nichols released 2 in Long Crag and 13 to Coe Crag using Apps Bloodworms.

· Ian Santos returned 19 to Long Crag using Devine Dancers and Bloodworms.

· W Crombie returned 4 and kept 4 for 11lb 3oz over both lakes using Bloodworms.

· B Douglas returned 3 over both lakes and kept 4 from Coe Crag using various flies.

· Douglas Aitchinson jr returned 4 over both lakes and ket 4 for 12lb 11oz from Long Crag using various flies.

· Josh Piperreturned 5 to Coe Crag and 2 to Long Crag using lures.

· Michael Hall from Morpeth returned 6 To Long Crag using various Dry Flies.

· Tom Mullen Kept 4 fish for 15lb 5oz and released another 9 over both lakes using lures and buzzers.

· M Mcluzie returnd 8 to Coe Crag and 4 to Long Crag using lures.

· Derek Hodgson kept 4 and returned 4 on Long Crag using Various flies.

· G Appelberry returned 20 to Long Crag using various flies.


Cats Whiskers, Diawl Bach. CDCs, Damsels. Hares Ears, Bloodworms. Shammys and Shimmys. Buzzers

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