27th Oct 2019 - Fishing Report w/e 27th October 2019

There are still lots of fish moving and feeding in the top couple of feet of the water and many are been taken on a variety of flies, pink and gold bloodworms have both been working well as have various lures such as Cats Whiskers Bunny Leeches and Damsels. Quite a lot of the larger fish are still being landed and there are still a few of the lovely Thrunton Tigers coming to the net.

  • Tony Robson from Whitley bay ‘felt like a millionaire’ after returning 2 and keeping 3 for a bag weight of 11lb 4oz using Bloodworms and Cats Whiskers on Long Crag.
  • Jamie Scott from Alnwick returned 2 to Long Crag and 5 to Coe Crag using Bloodworms and Lures.
  • Steve Horner from Bedlington returned 11 to Coe Crag using Buzzers including a Tiger.
  • D Casper released5 To Long Crag and 5 to Coe Crag using Klinkhammers Lures and Buzzers. On a second visit this week he released another 5 to Long Crag on Hoppers.
  • Matty Devine from Hadston returned 16 to Long Crag using a Raggie Worm and Lures Matty had 3 over 10lb and quite a few between 6 and 9lb.
  • Chris Nichol from Gosforth released 3 to Long Crag and 2 to Coe Crag on a ‘ great windy day’ using Bloodworms.
  • Tommy Mark from Brampton released 6 to Long Crag using Dry’s and Bunny leech’s.
  • Jim Lumsden from Cramlington returned 5 over Both Lakes using Damsels one at 11lbs.
  • John Tait from Belford released 4 to Long Crag Using Cats and Damsels best fish 10lb plus one at 6lb and one at 4lb.
  • Mick Brown from Bedlington Released 16 fish over both lakes using Buzzers.
  • Rob Hall from Morpeth returned 18 to Long Crag using Bunny Leech and Buzzers over two visits
  • John Chisholm from Blyth returned 9 to Long Crag using ‘Shammys’
  • Ashington angler Ken Glenton released 6 on the bottom lake using Black Buzzers.
  • G. Currey returned 11 to Long Crag using Crunchers and Black Lures.
  • Paul Hird from Sunderland released 1 to Long Crag and 5 to Coe Crag using Buzzers.
  • D. Long had an 'enjoyable afternoon' returning 6 fish to Long Crag using a GRHE
  • Carl Swinbank landed 5 fish from Coe Crag, keeping 4 fish for 13lb 7oz caught using a Cats Whisker

Fly Box: Bloodworms, Buzzers, Cats Whiskers, Damsels, Bunny Leech, Minkies and various Dries.

Open Daily - 8.30am to 5.00pm

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