2nd Jun 2019 - Fishing Report w/e 2nd June 2019

Varying weather conditions, have made the fishing slightly challenging this week, however we have still seen some impressive sport and some excellent bag numbers. During the middle part of the week, due to the cooler conditions, Lures and Small Nymphs fished onan intermediate line proved very successful, accounting for most of the fish being caught. However moving towards the weekend some anglers managed some impressive bag numbers of Small Dries. The Fishing for Heroes, visited on Friday, with all of the veterans having an 'enjoyable days fishing'. Thanks to Paul West for coaching and organizing the event.

  • Stewart Younger returned 9 fish to Long Crag using FAB's and Dabblers
  • Cramlington angler, Ken Ward had some 'great fun' safely releasing 10 fish to Long Crag using Cats and Dancers
  • Neil Jones from Holystone had a 'great day' using Black Dries, returning 8 fish between both lakes
  • Hadston regular, Matty Devine returned 15 fish between both lakes using Diawl Bach's and Lures
  • Paul Pratt landed 10 fish between both lakes using Buzzers, including a Rainbow estimated at 7lb
  • Richard Haug safely released 6 fish between both lakes also using Buzzers, Richard also landed a Brown at 4lb and a Rainbow at 6lb
  • Julian Bales from Wooler returned 8 fish to Long Crag using Various Dries
  • Longframlington angler, Trevor Wadds released 7 to Long Crag using a Black Dry Fly
  • Terry Toner landed 9 fish over two visits, 4 fish weighing in at 7lb. Terry caught them all using Buzzers and Bloodworms
  • D. Coxon returned 9 fish to Coe Crag using Shipmans Buzzers, including 1 at 8lb and the other at 4lb
  • Graeme Robbie had a 'fantastic afternoon' landing 11 fish from Long Crag using Hoppers and Dries
  • D & S. Bilbrough also had a 'fantastic' days fishing landing and safely returning 25 fish between them, using Fritz and Sedge Hogs
  • Mick Brown from Bedlington had a 'good day' returning 20 fish to Long Crag using Buzzers, also landing a Rainbow at 7lb
  • Josh Piper from Pegswood released 20 fish to Long Crag using Dries, also landing a nice Brown and a Rainbow at 5lb
  • George Shanks returned 9 fish to Coe Crag over his two sessiosn this week all caught using Dries and Buzzers.
  • J. Armstrong from Morpeth released 12 to Coe Crag including 1 at 7lb using squirmys.
  • A. Leach released 5 and kept 3 for 9lb 10oz from Long Crag using Dries and yellow PTNs.
  • Rob Thompson from Dunbar releasd 6 to Long Crag using Dries and Buzzers, Ian Callow returned 9 also using Dries and Buzzers.
  • Ken Glenton from Ashington returned 17 to Long Crag using CDCs and Buzzers.
  • Ray Percy Returned 8 to Long Crag using F’Flys and Grifiths Gnatts.
  • Greg Lewins from Belsay returned 11 to Long Crag using CDCs and Buzzers.
  • Jim Burtle from Newcastle returned 10 to Long Crag using Shipmans and Sedgehogs.
  • Steve Dixon from Blyth returned 6 to Long Crag on Drys.
  • Joe Brown returned 7 and kept 2 for 5lb 15oz from the same lake using Shuttle Cock Buzzers.
  • Mick Kelley from Swarland released 14 to Long Crag on Black Suspenders.

Fly Box: Buzzers, Black Dries, Dabblers, FAB's, Bloodworms, Diawl Bach's, Cats Whiskers and Dancers

Open Daily - 8.30am to 9.00pm. Monday and Saturday 5.00pm Close.

Please Note: Coe Crag lake will be closed on Friday 14th June for a Club Event. Long Crag lake will remain open as usual, and Coe Crag will reopen from 5.30pm. Apologies for any inconvenience caused to our regular anglers.

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