3rd Nov 2019 - Fishing Report W/E 3rd November 2019

Some continued cooler conditions, have provided the anglers with some ‘cracking’ fishing sessions this week. Some of our double figured fish have also been landed this week, the biggest was a 15lb 4oz Brownie from Coe Crag which was safely returned by Ali Spours, caught on a floating line and a Blue and Black Buzzer. We have also had our biggest tiger trout to date caught this week; one of our regular anglers, Mick Brown from Bedlington landed a magnificent 9lb Tiger, which was also safely returned. Fish have still be taken relatively high in the water for this time of year, a few anglers even having some success on small Dries. Other anglers are finding Lures fished on Intermediate lines very productive.

We were very pleased to be placed 19th in the ‘Top 100 Stillwater’s’ for 2019 in the Trout Fisherman magazine, it’s a great achievement for the fishery.

  • Rob Hall from Morpeth landed 11 fish between both lakes, having a 'good day'
  • Bill King landed some 'Cracking fish' from both lakes, safely returning 6 fish using Olive Lures and Diawl Bach's
  • Brain Lavery from Linton returned 4 fish to Long Crag using a Black Para, including a 8lb Rainbow
  • D. Wood also netted 4 fish from Long Crag, including a 3lb Brown and a 4lb Tiger caught using Cats Whiskers and Black Buzzers
  • Nev Clark used a Yellow Dancer to release 4 fish between both lakes
  • Ray Wood from West-woodburn released 5 fish to Coe Crag using Amber and Red Apps
  • Derek Todd used PTN's, GRHE's and Diawl Bach's to net 14 fish from Long Crag during his 5hr Session
  • Gosforth angler, Chris Nichol had some 'Great Fun' landing 14 fish from Long Crag mostly caught on a Intermediate line fishing Red and Amber Apps
  • Morpeth angler, Davy Kay used Various Lures to return 8 fish to Long Crag during his 4hr session
  • G. Tubby also landed some 'Nice Fish' while returning 12 to Long Crag using a Brown Buzzer
  • Mick Brown from Bedlington safely returned 20 fish between both lakes using Various Lures including a 'Terrific 9lb Tiger Trout'
  • Ali Spours from Chatton safely returned her new PB, which was a magnificent 15lb 4oz Brownie (weighed in the net) caught using a Black & Blue Buzzer on a Floating Line
  • Ken Brown from Newcastle returned a nice Rainbow estimated at 7-8lb on Long Crag also caught on a Black Buzzer.
  • David Middlemast had a good morning session, returning 8 fish to Long Crag using Diawl Bach’s.
  • John Williams from Morpeth had a ‘Great’ 4hr session, netting 10 fish from Coe Crag using Diawl Bach’s.
  • Carl Swinbank used Diawl Bach’s and Buzzers to return 11 fish between both lakes.
  • Guy Nicholson used Apps bloodworms you release 8 fish between both lakes.
  • John Cowell used Hoppers and Lures to net 11 fish between both lakes.
  • Lee Rankin from Hadston returned 6 to Long Crag using Yellow Apps and Diawl Bachs.
  • Joseph Hutchinson released 6 to Long Crag using Yellow Dancers and Cats Whiskers.
  • Kevin Glenn returned 7 to Long Crag using Black Diawl Bachs.
  • Austin Churm Returned 7 to Coe Crag including a nice 3lb 8oz Tiger using A Black Lure.
  • Brian Gould from Amble returned 3 to Long Crag including a nice 12lb Rainbow using a Hot Arsed Dawsons.

Fly Box: Black Buzzers, Apps Bloodworms, PTN's, Diawl Bach's, Cats Whiskers and Various Lures

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