4th Aug 2019 - Fishing Report w/e 4th August 2019

The fresh water that arrived on Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, provided some excellent sport for angers this week. Fish have been taken on all levels of the water with some anglers finding quite small Dries and emergers successful, even more prolific after the rain, which provided a well needed amount of fresh water to both of the lakes. Others anglers have taken some good bag numbers fishing Lureson sinking lines; during the bright and hot conditions. Further rain is forcast this coming week, which should continue to improve fishing conditions and provide some excellent sport for the anglers.

  • Duncan Passmore from Ponteland returned 3 fish to Long Crag using Buzzers
  • Ray Percy enjoyed fish 4 hour session returning 7 fish between both lakes using CDC's and Griffiths Gnats.
  • Chris Nichol from Gosforth landed and safely released 12 fish between both lakes all caught using Emergers
  • Darren Wright from Ashington had a 'Fantastic Day' landing 5 fish from Long Crag using a Blue Flash Damsel
  • P. Clarke landed 6 fish between both lakes using a Yellow Dancer
  • Ray Wood from West Woodburn safely returned 7 fish between both lakes using Hoppers
  • Longframlington angler, Trevor Wadds safely released 8 fish between both lakes using Dries
  • John Tait from Belford used a Dry Fly to safely return 6 fish to Long Crag
  • Les Dinsmore from Cramlington had a 'great day' landing 11 fish from Long Crag using a Dark Olive
  • Mick Kelly from Swarland used Daddies and Various Dries to safely release 10 fish to Coe Crag
  • B. Gilbot used Buzzers and Hoppers to tempt 7 fish to the net from Coe Crag
  • M. Watson used Daddies and shipmans to safely return 8 fish between both lakes.

Fly Box: Damsels, Buzzers, PTN's, Emergers, CDC's, Griffiths Gnats and Yellow Dancers

Open Daily - 8.30am to 9.00pm. Monday and Saturday 5.00pm close.

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