7th Oct 2019 - Fishing Report w/e 6th October 2019

Cool Northerly winds, Rain and Temperatures just touching freezing, have put some of the anglers off this week; however those who braved the weather have been rewarded with some good bag numbers and some fish weighing into double figures. The biggest fish this week was landed by our regular angler Ray Wood from West Woodburn, who quickly and safely returned a 15lb 3oz Rainbow to Coe Crag caught using a White Lure.

  • Jed Armstrong from Morpeth used Buzzers and Damsels to safely return 6 fish between both lakes.
  • Trevor Wadds from Longframlington used Diawl Bach's to return 6 fish between both lakes.
  • Andrew Greener landed 5 fish between both lakes using Buzzers, 2 of which were from the boat.
  • Ed Charlton from Pegswood used Buzzers and Blobs to return 6 fish to Coe Crag
  • Bedlington angler, Mick Brown had a 'splendid' day netting 11 fish between both lakes using Daddies and Buzzers.
  • Chris Nichol from Gosforth used Foam-Post Emergers to return 8 fish between both lakes
  • Gordon Wilson had an 'excellent day' fishing Diawl Bach's and a White Nobler on Long Crag, safely returning 6 fish.
  • Reuben Poole netted 5 fish from Long Crag using a Sedge and a Yellow Blob, having a 'good 4hrs'.
  • Dave Boland had a 'Good Day' landing 5 fish between both lakes using a Black Cormorant.
  • David Jordan from Gosforth netted 3 from Long Crag and 2 from Coe Crag using Snatchers Hares Ears and Lures.

Fly Box: Buzzers, Diawl Bach's, Blobs, White Lures, Sedge's, Daddies, Damsels and Emergers

Open Daily - 8.30am to 6.00pm. Monday & Saturday 5.00pm Close.

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