7th Jul 2019 - Fishing Report w/e 7th July 2019

A mixed bag of weather this week has meant some days were tougher than others with anglers having to fish deeper on some of the hot sunny days and yet still doing well on dries when conditions allowed, lots of blue damsels are about this time of year so it’s worth trying Damsel patterns on some of the brighter days.

This month we host the Junior trout masters finals ( 20thand 21stJuly) why not come and watch some of these talented young anglers, everyone is welcome Refreshmentswill be availablethroughout the day.

PLEASE NOTE: Coe Crag Lakewill be closed from Wednesday 17th Julyuntilafter the junior Trout MastersCompetition. We will alsobe closing at 6.00pm on Sunday 21stJuly

  • Dave Patterson from Alnwick had a ‘cracking day’ releasing 6 using Blobs and Buzzers on Coe Crag.
  • Dave (spike) Millican from Blyth also returned 6 to Coe Crag using Dries and Blobs.
  • Jim Burtle from Newcastle released 13 on Long Crag using small black shipmans buzzers.
  • John Tait from Belford released 8 on Long Crag using Yellow Owls.
  • Kenny Mcmahn from Lilburn returned 5 to Coe Crag using various flies.
  • Ray Percy from Cramlington had a good day returning 13 to Long Crag using Buzzers and Shuttlecocks.
  • Alec Close from Cramlington returned 10 over both lakes, 5 to each using Buzzers and Lures.
  • Mick Richfrom Chopwell returned 3 and kept 2 for 3lb 13oz from Long Crag’
  • Mick Brown from Bedlington Commented ‘Geat Balls of Fire’ releasing 23 fish over a nine hour session from both lakes including one at 11lb from Coe Crag.
  • David Lees and Arthur Leach from Washington had a good day David kept 3 for 6lb and released 6 using CDC and Sedges.
  • Arthur released 5 and kept 3 for 7lb 14oz using Drys and Damsels, both were fishing Long Crag.
  • Bob Martin had a 'great morning' returning 7 fish between both lakes using a Blue Buzzer
  • M. Watson safely returned 11 fish to Long Crag using CDC's
  • Mike Dyde from Rothbury landed 7 fish from Long Crag using a Black Midas, having a 'great day'4

Anglers from Wansbeck and Blyth club had a good day….

  • Ruben Pool released 3 and kept 3 for 9lb 8oz using a Bunny Leech on Long Crag. Best fish 5lb.
  • Mick Doherty released3 and kept 3 for 7lb 5oz using Daddies on Long Crag.
  • Peter Marshal released 1 and kept 3 for 12lb 9oz on Coe Crag. Best fish was 5lb 8oz.
  • Sue Greenwood had 2 for 4lb 8oz on buzzersfrom Long Crag
  • Barry White had 1 for 1lb 12oz. A good day was had by all.

FLY BOX: CDC's,Damsels, Blobs, Buzzers, Shuttlecocks, Daddies, Shipmans, Leeches.

Open Daily - 8.30am to 9.00pm. Monday and Saturday 5.00pm close.

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