7th Jun 2020 - Fishing Report w/e 7th June 2020

Some much needed rainand some cooler winds have freshened things up a bit this week, some good evening rises mid-week made for some good top of the water sport though buzzers have accounted for more than their fair share of fish. Some lovely fish around the 4-6lb mark have been landed this week, along with some cracking brownies (See Pictures below). Some large hatches of Caenis have also provided some challenging yet rewarding sport for the anglers, one angler finding a size 19 Griffiths Gnat to be successful.

  • Matty Devine returned 10 to Long Crag using Buzzers and P.T.Ns

  • D Bell released 3 on Long Crag using an Olive Nymph.

  • Patrick Grey returned 4 to Long Crag and 1 to Coe Crag using size 16 F Flies.

  • Ken Glenton released 8 on Long Crag using Buzzers and Bunny Leeches.

  • David Wilson returned 5 to Long Crag using Orange Buzzers and Black Buzzers.

  • A Dixon returned 3 and kept 2 on Coe Crag using Black CDCs.

  • Alex Ainslie returned 4 and kept 2 on Long Crag using Various Lures.

  • John Taylor released 4 and kept 2 on Coe Crag.

  • Ray Percy released 4 on Long Crag using Black CDC Hoppers.

  • Mick Brown returned 7 to Long Crag and 5 to Coe Crag using Lures.

  • R. J. Lee had a ‘great session’ using PTNs to keep 2 and return 3 to Long Crag and 7 to Coe Crag.

Fly Box: Buzzers, Black Dries, CDC's, Bunny Leaches, PTN's and Various other Nymphs and Dries

Open Daily - 8.30am to 9.00pm. Monday & Saturday 5.00pm Close

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