8th Dec 2019 - Fishing Report w/e 8th December 2019

Another tough week weather wise but continued good catches and some large fish, have kept the anglers persisting through the tough conditions. The largest fish landed this week, was by one of our regular anglers; Mick Brown from Bedlington who landed a chunky 15lb Rainbow from Long Crag. Some of our Thrunton Tigers have also continued to be caught this week. We had a special guest visit the fishery on Friday, who came to fish here for the first time since opening. TV Fishing presenter, Robson Green from Hexham enjoyed his short 4 hour session, and managed to land 4 fish and dropping multiple other fish. Robson also landed his first ever Tiger Trout here at Thrunton, which he was astounded at the beautiful colors and markings on these magnificent fish.

  • Don Thompson from Whitly Bay used Red and Green Diawl Bach's to return 9 fish to Long Crag
  • Newcastle angler, David Casper netted 10 fish between both lakes using Dries, Buzzers and Lures. David also landed a Thrunton Tiger and a Rainbow at 5lb closly followed by one at 7lb
  • Jim Burtle also from Newcastle used a Pink Egg Fly to return 12 fish to Long Crag, having a 'Good day'
  • Tony Wilson from Morpeth used a Black Bunny to net 4 fish fro Long Crag and dropped a few more
  • Cramlington angler, Jim Sarginson released 5 fish to Long Crag using a Black PTN
  • Ashington angler, Ken Glenton used Various Blobs to safely return 5 fish to Long Crag including one fish at 8lb
  • Brain Lavery from Linton netted 4 fish between both lakes using a Pink Bloodworm, during his afternoon session
  • Newcastle angler, Stu Ward used Blobs and Chamois to return 9 fish over both lakes
  • Lemington angler, John Durkin used Bloodworms to safely release 5 fish to Long Crag
  • Bedlington regular, Mick Brown used Buzzers and Lures to return 18 fish over both lakes, having a 'Great day'. Mick also landed a magnificent 15lb Rainbow from Long Crag
  • Neil Lobban from Long Fell returned 5 fish to Long Crag using Small Dries
  • Robson Green from Hexham used Damsels and Black Lures to return 4 fish to Long Crag, including his first Tiger, on his first visit to Thrunton
  • Ray Wood from West Woodburn had a 'Brill' Day netting 6 fish from Coe Crag using Apps Bloodworms
  • Carl Swinbank used Various Buzzers to return 7 fish to Long Crag
  • Stanley angler, David Middlemast netted 12 fish from Long Crag using Various Nymphs

Fly Box: Buzzers, Black Lures, Bloodworms, Blobs, Chamois, PTN's, Diawl Bach's and Small Dries

Open Daily - 8.30am to 4.00pm

Please Note: Long Crag Lake will be closed on Sunday 5th January 2020, for a Competition to help raise money for the TEFF England Bank Team. Coe Crag lake will remain open as usual, and we apologies for any inconvenience caused to our regular anglers. Places are still available for this friendly fundraising competition, so if your interested please contact the Fishing Lodge for more information and bookings.

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