8th Oct 2017 - Fishing Report w/e 8th October 2017

Strong winds earlier in the week made fishing more challenging for some anglers but those that handled the conditions had great sport. Anglers have reported good bags this week with fry patterns working particularly well but dries and buzzers are still proving productive with good top of the water sport. We welcomed the Morpeth Chantry Trout Ticklers this weekend with all the children enjoying their mornings instruction. Many thanks to Barry Mitchell, Sid Dixie, Bob Crook and Lance Burton. Duncan Passmore lost his cap twice into the lakes with the strong winds and while casting to retrieve it landed fish on both occasions before successfully hooking his cap. We also welcomed Trout Fisherman magazine with James Stokoe and Connor Metcalf preparing an article for November’s issue. The weather and the fishing could not have been better.

- Ken Ward from Cramlington had ‘great fun’ landing 9 & 6 from both lakes during 2 visits on Afghan beadies and olive Afghans

- Jim Lumsden also enjoyed his 2 sessions returning 6 & 8 to 9lb on olive Afghans and Tenby Terrors

- Hadston angler Matty Devine had ‘a cracking day’ releasing 20 from both lakes on nymphs

- Nick Holland from Ponteland found black spiders were successful netting 8 from Long Crag

- Tony Bell from Sunderland returned 12 from Coe Crag on various lures

- Mick Brown from Bedlington used zonkers and buzzers to lane 20 from both lakes

- Davy Kay from Morpeth had 2 ‘ altogether brill days’ returning 16 & 20 on lures and eggstacy blobs from both lakes with 10 from the boat

- Lol Seddon from Stakeford had a good afternoon landing 8 on white and olive lures

- Eric Caisley from Morpeth also enjoyed 2 sessions on ginger dries and orange CDC’s releasing 8 & 10 from Long Crag

- Durham anglers Keith Morley and George Fisher enjoyed their day releasing 12 between them on diawl bachs and orange blobs

- Tony Patterson from Newcastle used buzzers and bloodworms to return 10 from both lakes

- Stew Younger from Blyth released 8 from Long Crag on an olive squirrel

- D. Nunn used pink bloodworms to land 8 from Long Crag lake

- Many other anglers have also recorded good bags.

Fly Box:- Buzzers, diawl bachs, nymphs, spiders, zonkers, Afghans, bloodworms, various dries and lures

Fishery Hours:- Open daily 8.30am to 6.00pm. Saturday close 5.00pm

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